Dear contributors, supporters and community members. It has been over a good month since my last posts and more than that since the Dubai Global Leaders Forum event at the beginning of April.
In this text I will provide an update of the developments on my side during this time. There will also be changes in approach to achieving some of the milestones on our roadmap as you will read.


Soon after returning from Dubai I personally received a medical confirmation and a diagnosis that I had to undergo a delicate spinal surgery. This medical issue developed very rapidly and surgery became an urgent necessity as conservative treatment was ruled out due to the acute condition of the affected area.
At that time I decided not to communicate about this, because I did not have sufficient information to say in a more precise way about what could be expected in terms of the work on the project going forward from that particular moment.
The surgery took place on Friday, 19th May and it was successful. The surgeon prescribed 3 months of full absence from work for medical reasons, plus an additional 2 months during which I can perform part-time work.
I already feel better after the surgery and I am very confident that I will again be in perfect shape very soon.


My prescribed medical leave of 3 months plus the further 2 months of partial absence from work also requires necessary changes in the projections of our business and changes to the activities that can be translated into milestones on our roadmap.
The delay itself will show in some areas where my role is accentuated in the process itself and cannot be replaced or delegated. Tasks that do not require involvement from my end, will be able to continue and the impact of the delay in those areas will be minimal.
The team is fully supporting me. We are looking for constructive approaches to achieve optimal workflows in the current situation. At the same time, we need to prioritize activities in such a way that delays do not happen across the board of all our activities. The change will not affect the project as a whole, but mostly just the aspect of ioNectar technical integration. Exchanges and other parts of the platform are proceeding as planned.
I have appointed X8 AG Director, Francesca Greco, as the ad interim CEO until my full recovery.
The X8 team will update the roadmap wherever it is needed due to my medical leave.


On the other side I am sure you have noticed our increased presence on all the social media as we are working at improving our marketing strategies. Every week a financial and economic article is also published on our X-Feed blog on
The project has its own financial expert blog place, where it focuses on portfolio risk management. Without risk management there can be no safety. With those established basics, we need to look further to how to promote our message and connect to appropriate marketing channels.
The team has been preparing various possibilities and options to work and cooperate with different partners in the traditional and in the blockchain space. We are looking for a combination of reach, usability and utility for masses, professionalism, expertise, education, and compatibility with institutional environment requirements.
Marketing strategies are being built and channels are being selected and developed so that they will be able to carry the X8Currency message to our proper target audiences, which will resonate with this described theme. New updates about this plus positive IT developments and work done during my absence will be posted on our existing channels.


Personally, I will not be able to attend conferences during my recovery period, as I am not allowed to travel without permission from my doctor for the time being. The conference schedule will be adjusted, which means it is unlikely that I will attend the conference in Seoul. However, I will be able to speak on a video conference system and Francesca Greco will speak on behalf of X8 AG in another panel.
The team will come back to report on specific changes that will be made to the roadmap. Overall, the result is positive as I feel the surgery solved the problem and I can look into the future confidently and see great things that can be done for the project.
We look forward to making the best out of this period, to improve ourselves and to reach our goals during the process.

Thank you for supporting our project!


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  1. Boris says:

    I wish you best and quickest recovery, Gregor!

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