Competition in capital markets dictates that the individual funds have a proven and unique investment policy. Fund investment policies need to be systematic and with a clear asset class focus in order for the fund to attract meaningful investments and capital allocations.

ioNectar G8 is one of a kind and a highly sophisticated strategy with a complete G8 FX coverage of 28 simultaneous pairs. It is an objective system, which executes risk prices for the investors in the spot FX market with pinpoint accuracy.


ioNectar G8 differs from other investment approaches in several ways. First, it declares risks objectively with axioms, the laws of mathematics, and thus provides hard risk measurements. Second, it is many times more cost effective for the investor than the options strategies. Spot market execution also means that the client is better protected from less reliable pricing associated with options. The spot market price is more resilient, more globally anchored and provides ultimate continuity.

The third important factor is flexibility. ioNectar G8 offers ultimate flexibility, which is second to none compared to any other approach. Risk can be reduced or increased at any point of travel and there are no duration limitations for it either. The decision cost between start and stop action is the lowest possible.


Last but not least, ioNectar is the only platform in the world that offers systematic strategies applicable in the market with real-time risk layering. It means that large portions of risk can be vectored and engaged only selectively at the margin. That is when market valuations justify incremental risk engagement in a particular moment.

Through time this system uses the justified and necessary portion of risk only and has very high capital usage efficiency. One reason for it is that the declared risk is actually potential and describes the theoretical maximum of which expectancy can be near zero or even less than zero. The other factor for low strains on the capital base is systematic risk dispersion, which feeds the risk layering effect further.
















If you are a fund of hedge funds manager, you have a deep understanding of the meaning of alpha. True, alpha is all about absolute returns, which ideally are not correlated to benchmarks. In reality there is always some level of correlation. Nevertheless, ioNectar systems do adjust risks objectively, so that the net output from strategy execution becomes void of all excessive risk correlation by default.


ioNectar forms baskets that are totally FX market alpha oriented. Generally, alpha returns are all individually priced at different risks for each of the different currencies. Therefore it does not make sense to bid for alpha in different places if the alpha risk pricing shows same opportunity in relative terms.

Since the foundation of ioNectar baskets is risk adjustment, the vectored risk in ioNectar bids for net relative alpha only. It seeks more competitive risk pricing on an individual instrument and never doubles the alpha position on two instruments which show identical relative alpha value. As a result, our platform considers quality of alpha just as much as quantity of alpha, and does this so that the total investment policy execution structure maximizes alpha/correlation factor.


Building on this base, multi-account multi-user structures of our platform enable totally transparent multi-fund analytical structures with precise measurements across the fund of funds portfolio put together into a single view. Furthermore, all aspects of trading are indexed, providing proper comparison analysis for every part of the structure throughout independent cycles of deposits and withdrawals for each part of the structure respectively.



Have you ever asked yourself how many clicks you had to perform to bring about the execution of your valuable investment idea? How many seconds of your precious time gets spent on micro actions that together make up your daily investment activity? How many do windows you have to search through to find a button you want to click?

You can relax, because the creative design of ioNectar is incorporates logical clicks per informational value concept and logical eye movements per information volume read by user concept. In this way the information comes to you readily. Managers should be able to swiftly transit over relevant data points during investment policy execution and maintain focus momentum.


Automation integrally incorporated into our working business solution leverages time savings for performing investment ideas. That is how ioNectar works for the manager and his or her time. Among trading platforms ioNectar delivers the highest working output to manager input effort ratio.

With ioNectar managers can finally focus on their performance, risks and opportunities, rather than spending energy impractically labouring with computer screens.


When a portfolio manager benefits from sufficient energy release provided by the ergonomic automation of our solution, the manager can make significant progress about how he or she can squeeze the best out of already well defined concepts.

The random scenario test engine in our platform reveals different potential paths to the same result outcome for example. A portfolio manager therefore gains a clear perspective of opportunity costs and can learn how to actually approach investing with calculated risk.



When dealing with a larger number of accounts the required organizational effort can increase beyond what a company such as a brokerage could actually logically perform. When there are no solutions in place to tackle the problem this example can lead to activity fragmentation, which can demand a majority of overall effort from a team. When larger and larger portion of actions become individualized, all in response to the many arising small challenges, organization is no longer goal driven.


The design of ioNectar solves these issues. Importantly the technology enables teams to perform an increasing scope of business activity not practically executable without the support of this technology.

Smaller teams can perform a larger amount of tasks and can generate higher value added per man hour. This can help your business to make greater returns with the same amount of human resource costs while technology protects the organizations growth path from worker fluctuation rate risks.


Productivity gains also come from different vertically and horizontally connecting different roles in a dynamical business process. Individuals do not necessarily need to report to all other members all the time about their work since there is total overview and control.

Each role can work without entanglement overload because the system monitors different layers of the process in real time and keeps all senior roles up to date about all activity details of the complete structure.
















Risk-free rates are one of the main focuses of financial institutions like banks. In the modern era banks are currently looking for different models that can provide an alternative for arbitrary risk-free rate benchmarks like LIBOR and others.

The ioNectar financial market analysis model puts the highest emphasis on spot value of risk and therefore also spot value of risk free rates. Retaining spot perspective of risk potency is greatly important if someone wants to learn about liquidity and volume of risk potential that can actually be transacted in the market.


Risk-free rate information obtainable from ioNectar provides a real practical engagement point for most conservative capital of any currency. The modern foreign exchange market is not so much about individual currency risk-free rates anymore as it is about the total single composite global risk-free rate.

The foreign exchange market provides access to this global risk-free rate as a whole, while ioNectar technology facilitates practical applicability of this contemporary risk view for its users. This holds true for real time investment operations or for controlling analytical and other activities most advanced users might want to perform.



High net worth individuals deserve preferential value added access after they can individually overcome entry hurdles set by the market. In simple terms this means that if you are an HNWI, there are not many incentives for using a middleman. A greater portion of total chain value added is available for HNWIs. ioNectar can additionally leverage this position for HNWIs, keeping costs in check and delivering the end product in the most direct fashion through managed accounts.


All in all, managed accounts for HNWIs can be tailored individually in terms of matching risk level and matching time horizon performance profile for each individual respectively. The ioNectar platform does not place any limitations on how an investment approach can be individualized, be it short-term, long-term, high risk or ultra-low risk and everything in between.

All that is required from the individual is that the individual must have an exact plan in his or her own mind and we will able to answer with best solution for this plan.


In many cases our technology can provide the most tax optimized way of investing as well. In certain jurisdictions there are different tax treatments between interest gains and capital gains for example. Even in places where capital gains can be exempt from taxation or where profits from foreign exchange trading can be more competitive than interest gains from cash deposits, lack of proper tools meant translating this into actual net improvement for the investor was not practical.

This is no longer the case. ioNectar uses an original approach and technique to make the best out of these relative tax efficiency opportunities. If you are a resident in one of the jurisdictions that reflect this example, you can optimize your net income by using ioNectar to configure an account with deposit-like performance, but without the interest taxation burden that would come with it for example.



Investment plans of corporations doing business in the international market are under the significant influence of currency market prices fluctuations. When a company plans to invest in productive assets that are denominated in a currency outside of that company’s local monetary system, the fluctuation of a foreign currency price over the years puts a 30%-50% and even higher uncertainty on the actual value of investments the company will need to make. In some cases the unpredictable effect from this can even pose terminal risk to such businesses before the maturity.


Indeed, corporations have many different options for hedging currency exposure of their business, however many times they eventually fall short in actually effectively controlling this risk because of lack of flexibility they need in the ever-changing market circumstances throughout the long-term. With 100 companies there are 101 different requirements, different plan durations and different currency exposures. Who can respond to all the individual needs?

If you are in this group of corporations we can help you. ioNectar offers a practical solution for currency risk management and control directly to the end user without clumsy “package solutions” that don’t fit your specific need. Virtually every company and business can benefit from ultimate flexibility in this respect, while lower costs and unparalleled precision brings clarity and transparency to your long-term investment plans. It is easy.















Understanding what is a profit and what are losses is trivial. Nevertheless the level of competition, especially in the foreign exchange market is probably the highest of any sector. Trivial solutions don’t work, even if they sound and appear attractive. They only create provocations on an emotional level.

In reality the requirement for an approach to be successful in the market is greater than ever and more complexity than the majority of professionals would imagine. This level of complexity of approaches has been given the name big data. Big data is the bridge between simple understanding and the actual complex execution required to make investing a successful activity.


Big data goes beyond conventional analysis. The computation capability of big data is taking over and in many places surpassing the intellectual capability of individuals regardless of how good they are in their naked eye observations, judgements and subsequent actions.

Big data together with billions and trillions of calculations keeps the total perspective of all aspects, all possibilities, and all scenarios. It is not that it can predict the future, but it can balance the risks and rewards from such a bird’s eye view so that it accounts for very wide array of information, otherwise practically impossible to be comprehensively considered without the help of big data.


The ioNectar platform enables a big data view of the market. This ioNectar big data capability means not even the smallest of movements in the market remain unaccounted for when evaluating the total scenario picture. Big data today is a reality and a necessity to keep focus through endless scenario possibilities.

Our platform pays full respect to the concept of information, explains it and leverages its objective power. In simple terms, the information is a composite of formations. This concept is the foundation for objective and systematic risk adjustment and makes a unit of risk more potent and therefore your capital more valuable all thanks to the power of big data.



Commodity Trading Advisors are looking to keep many different and unique strategies at their disposal in order to improve performance and their selling point arguments they present to their clients and prospects. However, if you are a CTA, you understand full well that delivering multiple strategies in parallel to your clients can actually require several managers or traders and complex logistics to coordinate activities.

ioNectar helps you reduce these costs. Our system delivers a very high level of automation at unmatched level of detail, holistic investment technique and broadest market coverage together with tireless continuity. This way our system effectively replaces a significant part of your needs to support an extensive highly qualified manager workforce, which is otherwise required for completing an effective multi-strategy portfolio.


When deploying many different traders little inaccuracies and suboptimal execution of the planned investment policy become inevitable. There are countless scenarios where pieces of opportunities are being left on the table almost every day in the market. Yet, imperfections are elusive. They appear at different times in different places, with different strategies and to different traders. All in all, it can be overwhelming and expensive to structurally rectify all of this. So CTAs accept these realities without directly addressing the problem.

But as a CTA you don’t need to look any further. ioNectar prepares you for these scenarios and systematically addresses this and solves the problem. Our special risk trading architecture ensures CTA’s managers can continue to focus on their work, while ioNectar improves entry point accuracy of these managers or traders in real-time continuously throughout the investment cycle on an individual manager or aggregate multi-strategy portfolio level. This way by using our platform you can enhance your existing elements that are already a part of your trading strategy stock or your team of managers.



If you are not a professional worker or an institution in the field of finance, you still might have values that align with our values and the ioNectar platform could work beautifully for you.

For example, you are serious and have passion about your business and you have high respect for entrepreneurial skills. Finance and enterprise have deep connections and there is an array of ultra-high value fields of knowledge that can facilitate personal growth or even education and growth of the ones that are dear to you for example.

If you want your offspring to become properly educated about finance or to further advance their knowledge you passed onto them in your field of business, or if you just want to gain clarity about the mysteries of finance, this is the right solution for you.


The word »finance« has a particular meaning. It has symbolic potency and charge. It bypasses the rational parts of the human brain and communicates directly to the most elemental level of our nature. To properly understand finance it all begins with learning about the role of nuances.

Finance reaches frontiers beyond the superficial layer of perceptible information. Finance is about the finest of nuances and the increments of intent. Finance is not just about money numbers, it is a building block of many arts and it just might be the art of all arts.

Learning about finance therefore can be very exciting and it is such a broad space it seems there are no limits to it. There are always levels one can look into and one does never plateau when one starts to integrate finance fundamentally into one’s own experience. This is the natural path to learning more about and to deeply understand the entrepreneurial mind-set, philosophy and the application of this knowledge in the interdisciplinary environment.


However, even with the most exciting and spectacular knowledge, acquisition must start with rock solid foundations and on the most objective level. ioNectar explains the financial realm through quantitative functions and arguments, which are like the alphabet any serious skilled financial enthusiast should know by heart.

ioNectar enables enthusiasts to master the most obvious layer of financial risk by providing information about natural horizons of change. To know about horizons and how to apply them is a very important first step, because it opens up a new perspective of relative time in the market environment.

Science does not stop there however. Learning about male versus female risk principles propels ioNectar enthusiasts further towards understanding relations between horizontal and vertical aspects. This then leads to the development of true virtue by the individual who is truly interested in the financial field.


ioNectar is for those who are entrepreneurs at heart. It is for virtuosos who have lifted themselves above linear aspects. It is for people who care about having a contemporary skillset, which must include financial skill if we are at least somehow to accept the belief that money makes the world go around. If you care about these realities or don’t want people near you to be missing this special talent in their skillset, the ioNectar platform should be one of the best products you have ever encountered.