Portfolio Risk Management meets AI

Optimise your returns with an entire risk department at your fingertips

ioNectar platform

AI based portfolio risk management

Our engine tracks 75 different dimensions of risk that allows real time control over market risks. This puts unprecedented control into the hands of any portfolio manager.

Adapts to any investor

ioNectar understands different investments principles and time horizons. Due our portfolio risk management platform’s flexibility, it adapts to any investor’s preferences regardless if they prefer long term investments or quick, smaller returns.

Through our Fractal Accounts engine, ioNectar can easily work with different maturities for different investors.

ergonomic design

Increase productivity of capital

Our goal is to let portfolio managers focus only on the investment process without distractions. ioNectar is a sophisticated portfolio risk management platform that allows for multi-account structures and keeping benchmark comparisons throughout deposits and withdrawals.

Leverage your time savings

Among trading platform software formats ioNectar delivers the highest working output to manager input effort ratio. Incorporated concepts are logical clicks per informational value, logical eye movements per information volume read by user and other ergonomic concepts. ioNectar works in concert with a manager’s time.

Rudolf P. StröblCEO at FX & Project Management GmbH

Jason PettersonInvestor at Pear Inc.

Konstantin KambulovCEO at InvestProfit


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    Our team is a unique mix of interdisciplinary connections. We bring together the strictest of views of world’s investors, specialized IT skills, knowledge about human relations, related decision costs and risk perceptions. As a total we strive for the best possible solution for finance professionals and skilled financial experts.

    Gregor is behind some of the main design features of the ARM AI platform. Gregor combines his natural investment perspective with the advanced technology capabilities of today into a winning philosophy match. His accumulated experience comes from working as a portfolio manager in an institutional environment, advising funds, HNWIs and specialists in foreign exchange and other markets.


    CEO / Founder

    Francesca is the Director and Co-Founder of X8 Currency. She is also Director of FINMA regulated Alpine Asset Management AG. She has 15 years experience in strategic advising to companies in the technology and financial sectors as Director of several Private Equity Funds. Francesca holds a Law Degree from the University of Rome and 2 Masters degrees in European Law and IP Law.



    Simon is a seasoned computer expert with an extensive range of programing skills in various computer languages. As the CTO of ioNectar he knows the area of the platform client and manages technological releases of the product. He is creativity-driven with insight in new products development and is behind different original aspects of the platform.



    Ervin is a specialist in IT. He brings together his broad technical proficiency from computer science and manages all main IT administration perspectives of ARM AI. Development of specialized software and electronics product solutions is his passion. Through persistent expansion of his ability Ervin has proven over and over again that he is an IT authority.

    Ervin Marguč